Using FencePress

Using FencePress is easy!

You you haven't done it yet install & setup FencePress

Using the FencePress Plugin

Login in your WordPress site – for example:
WordPress Login
Click on “Settings > FencePress” menu to open the plugin settings page.
WordPress Plugin Tabs
Activate one or more of the available options in the “Hardening” and “Firewall” tabs.
WordPress Plugin Tabs
Below each option there is an explanation about the option itself to help you decide if you want to enable it or not.
WordPress Plugin Save Settings
Once you activated the various options click on the blue “Save Changes” button to save your settings within WordPress.
You can also click on the grey “Set Defaults Values” button to automatically set all the options to their suggested values – remember to click on the blue “Save Changes” button after you clicked on the grey “Set Defaults Values” button.


To add security remember to periodically update the secret key.
To update the security key open the “Setup” tab and then click on the orange button “Generate a new secret key”: a new key will be generated and its QR Code will be shown. Do not forget to update the App key and then to update the setting in the plugin!

Using the FencePress App

Tap on the App icon to open the application
iPhone App Icon

To add a new site

  1. Tap on the button to scan the QR Code
    iPhone Scanned
  2. Place the QR Code within the center of the phone screen
    iPhone Scan
  3. Once the App recognise the QR Code it will switch back to the sites list where you will find your newly added site
    iPhone Two Sites

To see the status of a site

On the sites list page tap on the site row – after a while the site status page is shown
iPhone Site Details

Tap to lock the site administration: after you lock a site nobody, including you, will be able to access to the administration dashboard.
Tap to unlock the administration: be sure to be connected to the Internet from the same WiFi network your computer is connected before you tap on the “Unlock” button.
Tap to refresh the site information.

If you see only the status button in the App

iPhone Site Details
It means that the option “Redirect users with unauthorised IP to the error page” in the Plugin “Firewall” tab is disabled:
WordPress REDIRECT Unauthorised IP Is Disabled
Activate the “Redirect users with unauthorised IP to the error page” and click on the blue “Save Changes” button to activate it – then, in the smartphone App, tap on the button to refresh the status page

To remove a site

Slide the site row to the left until a red “Delete” button is shown on the right: tap on the red button to remove the site: when asked confirm the operaion.
iPhone Site Details