How to authorize a new IP

What to do when your IP changes

Your IP might change for a number of reasons like, for example: when you access from a different location, if you restart your router, if you open the site from your smartphone (or tablet), etc.

Once your IP changes, you will not be able to administer the site anymore. To be able to login again you need to authorize your new IP: simply follow these instructions.
If an error message appears find the solution on the FAQ page.

Before proceeding br sure to be connected to the Internet from the same WiFi network your computer is connected!

On your smartphone

  1. Tap on the App icon to open the application
    iPhone App Icon
  2. Tap on the site row to see its details
    iPhone Tap On Site Row »iPhone Site Details
  3. Tap to unlock the administration
    iPhone Unlock Page
    Your actual IP is shown in the screen center, 12.345.678.901 in the above example.

    To be 101% sure that the IP you see on the screen is actualised, tap on the blue icon – this might be necessary if you switched from a Cellular to a WiFi connection or if you left an area with free WiFi and your phone connected while you were there.
    Then, on the computer that you will use to administer the site, open the FencePress home page — : on the top right you see the computer IP:
    Your Computer IP
    Once you are sure the IP is the right one — tap on the button and a confirmation message is shown:
    iPhone Unlock Confirm
  4. If you like you can check that the IP can administer the site; to do so tap and a page with the list of allowed IP(s) is shown:
    iPhone Unlocked IP Confirm

Commands available on the site details page

Tap to lock the site administration: after you lock a site nobody, including you, will be able to access to the administration dashboard.
Tap to unlock the administration: be sure to be connected to the Internet from the same WiFi network your computer is connected before you tap on the “Unlock” button.
Tap to refresh the site information.