Getting Started with FencePress

How to setup and use the FencePress Plugin and FencePress App

On your smartphone

Install the FencePress App

iOS – the App is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
  • Open the App Store application on your iOS device, search for “FencePress”, select it and tap on the “Get” button

Android – the App is compatible with smartphones and tablets
  • Open the Google Play application, search for “FencePress”, select it and tap on the “Install” button

On your computer

Install the FencePress Plugin

  1. Login in your WordPress site – for example:
    WordPress Login
  2. Install the FencePress plugin
    • Click on “Plugins > Add new” in the main menu
      WordPress Add Plugin
    • Click on “Upload Plugin”
      WordPress Upload Plugin
    • Click on "Choose File", select the file you received with your order and click on “Install Now”
      WordPress Choose File
    • Once the upload is completed, activate the plugin
      WordPress Activate
    • Then click on the big green button "Enable FencePress" to enable the plugin
      WordPress Enable
  3. FencePress plugin Setup
    • Enter your license – you received your license code within the order confirmation email
      WordPress Setup Enter License
    • Scroll the page down and click on the green button: “Show the active secret key” – the QR Code is shown on the screen right below the button
      WordPress Setup Scroll Down and Click Green Button

On your smartphone

Connect your site with your smartphone

  1. Tap on the App icon to open the application
    iPhone App Icon
  2. Tap on the button to scan the QR Code
    iPhone First Open Screen
  3. Place the QR Code within the center of the phone screen
    iPhone Scan
  4. Once the App recognise the QR Code it will switch back to the sites list where you will find your newly added site
    iPhone Scanned

On your computer

Complete FencePress plugin Setup

  • Click on the blue “Save Changes” button to complete the Plugin Activation WordPress Plugin Setup Completed
    The setting page is reloaded showing the “Hardening” tab
    WordPress Plugin Setup Completed

On your smartphone

Check that the FencePress App is connected with your site

  1. Tap on the site row to see its details
    iPhone Tap On Site Row »iPhone Site Details

If an error message appears find the solution on the FAQ page.

Congratulations: you just completed the FencePress setup and activated your first site!

Now you can start using FencePress