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WordPress is really simple to install and easy to use, the standard installation is also already relatively secure.

However, the more you customise it by adding your preferred theme, new plugins and by tweaking the code, the easier you risk to be hacked.

Keeping your WordPress site secure is also important for a number of reasons like, for example: to keep the uptime maximised, do not loose sales, to keep your and your customers data safe and site running as quickly and as reliably as possible.

To make your site secure there are a number of things you need to do. Luckily the web is full of good clues and information on this topic — unfortunately keeping up with everything can take some good amount of time, moreover you need some technical skills.

FencePress comes to help letting you save quite a good amount of time and making your WordPress site more secure easily and quickly.

Keep attackers away your site administration with a tap on your smartphone!


FencePress Main Advantages

Some of the benefits that make FencePress one of the best WordPress security plugins

Your WordPress site in your hands!

Quickly manage your site(s) from your phone

Control, block and unblock access to the login page and admin dashboard directly from the phone. Save time when managing several sites: get all the vital info with a couple of taps on your phone screen.

Keep your site important info private

Do not let the world know the version you are using Read more...

Attckers can get the WordPress version your site runs on and use it to breach it. FencePress let's you remove all WordPress version references as well as the readme.html file – that is installed with every update and contains info about the installed version.

Block access to the administration dashboard

Avoid attackers to even try to login!

Many WordPress attacks are carried out autonomously by malicious software bots trying to login and install malware on your site. By blocking access to the administration dashboard unauthoirized users will be automatically redirected to an error page.

Save system resources

Helping your site to be as fast as possible Read more...

Attackers try to login using software made to automatically create fake credentials (your username and password) and use them to login. These login tempatives are run several times per second and your server can become unresponsive. FencePress helps by redirecting accesses from unauthorised users as soon as the try to login limiting unproper resources usage and letting your site to be as fast as possible for real visitors.

Easily manage all system updates

The first security rule: keep the code updated

Updating WordPress, Themes and Plugins to the latest version is vital to keep your site secure. However sometimes after an update the layout can break or a plugin can loose some functionalities – in such cases your visitors might not see what you expect or, even worse, see something you do not want them to see!

Prevent XML-PRC vulnerabilities

Are you using a weblog client?

XML-PRC is a system that allows you to post on your WordPress site using weblog clients like, for example: the WordPress mobile app, BlogJet, Deepest Sender, Windows Live Writer and many more. As XML-PRC might be used to attack your site if a new vulnerability is found its a good idea to disable it if you do not plan to use a weblog client.

Let only WordPress to use the Heartbeat API

Close all the possible ways to attack

The WordPress Heartbeat API takes care to perform a series of tasks like, for example, revision tracking, session management, etc. By doing its job, the API uses extra resources and open a vulnerability to some attack types.

Security As Easy As It Gets

With the FencePress App you can always check the status of your site(s) and decide who can administer it or not
Link your site to your smartphone.

Just scan the QR Code – it includes a really looong secret key to provide quite strong security!

The quickest way to double-check!

FencePress let you keep all the important info about your site(s) handy. Tap on the Status icon and the data is immediately updated.

Interested in seeing even more info? Just ask!

Decide who can administer the site.

You are in control about who can administer your site: unauthorized users will not even be able to see the login page!

Passwords are like underwear: you don’t let people see it, you should change it very often, and you shouldn’t share it with strangers.

Chris Pirillo

Three Simple Plans

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updates and premium support are provided until your license is active

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